Tower Moving Systems

Vehicle Shipping


Tower Moving Systems offers reliable and convenient door-to-door vehicle shipping services for customers who need to transport their vehicles to their new destination.

Their team of professionals is trained to handle all types of vehicles, including:

Utility vans

Sedans, hatchbacks, or SUVs

Luxury cars


Caravans, and more.

All vehicles are transported in crates and containers designed to protect them in transit. The vehicle is securely strapped for maximum safety, and the wheels are blocked to prevent movement.

How it works?

We understand that your vehicle is unique and each shipment will benefit from optimal protection.

1 Plan It Out

When you decide to reach out, you’ll be speaking with highly trained personnel who have expert knowledge about the entire moving process. You tell us about your move and we’ll give you a free, straightforward, accurate, and estimate on your expenses.

2 Booking Your Move

We take full advantage of ever and any available technology to ensure your pre-moving process is efficient and accurate. Our inventory system cost estimation tools are top notch, enabling us to focus on your personalized moving needs. Our tech also allows us to ensure quick responses to every inquiry- from online requests to calls to emails.

3 Before the Move

We’ll make sure everything is set and ready for your big day to avoid delays and inconveniences. No matter how complex or simple your move may seem, we offer packing services (inclusive of materials and advice), a streamlining of your inventory, and we’ll explain every step so you know exactly what to expect. We promise to call you in the days preceding your move for any last questions.

4 Moving Day

Now that everything’s set, you can sit back, relax, and let our experts handle your move. Our movers are carefully screened and given the knowledge and tools to get the job done right- you’ll never catch a mover sitting down on the job. They’ll work as long as it takes to get the move done, even if unexpected challenges arise during the day.

Ready to move?

Specially tailored solutions with options that fit your needs so you can keep your world moving! We’re ready when you are.